About Us

Our vision is:
· To bring quality programming, learning opportunities and economic development to our society.
· To be broadly recognized for excellence in Public Online Television Programme.
Our mission is:
To collaborate with people and organizations in the society, provide programmes and services that inform, educate, enlighten, and enrich the public and help inform discourse essential to the people.
· To deliver a service known for excellence in our programmes.
· To have an impact on the lifelong learning of viewers.
· To promote positive values.
· To increase community awareness in involvements and businesses through advertisement.
· To broaden and enhance visibility and recognition.
A safe and the best place for everyone, to watch television online, serving all and sundry with the finest programming for education and entertainment.



Ibadan, Nigeria

Phone: 08153274454
Email: info@dynamicsmiletv.com
Web: dynamicsmiletv.com